New international contest - Queen of Queens

Find out who is leading in our new weekly competition among the best webcam models and who is going to get the Queen of Queens title!

Queen of Queens International contest

100 participants who earn the biggest number of points within a week, will receive generous cash prizes from Free Live Chat 18 - Young Sexy Girls!

How are the points distributed?
It's simple: for every 100 Tokens that members send to a model, she will receive 1 point. For each hour spent online from Monday to Thursday, the model gets additional 1% to her current points count. From Friday to Sunday, this percentage doubles to 2%. The maximum number of points that can be earned in an hour is 300. Places in the weekly top are distributed according to the total number of points collected by a model within a week.

Time until contest ends: Show only models online

Current Rankings for this week
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